Option 1 - Gala Showcase This option consists of a dance display performed by one or more couples of 1-10 Ballroom and/or Latin dances. Performed to fabulous music in fantastic costumes to bring the rhythm of the dance alive.  The layout could be 5, 6, 8 or 10 dances, between a three course meal or as a two section showcase. Option 2 - Showcase and Audience Participation A Gala Showcase accompanied by a 20 minute dance class. The Showcase can consist of 1-10 Ballroom and/or Latin dances, with a short interval period at the end of the showcase before the dance class. Normally a lively Latin dance is chosen for audience participation, but dance classes can be individually adapted to suit a clients requirements. Show       Mini ‘Strictly’ Workshop  Gala Showcase  Created by Still Designs Show Options Option 3 - Workshop 1 or 2 hours Designed for everyone to discover the magic of ballroom or Latin figures, that are easy to learn and exciting to dance. These workshops can be used to create the perfect social environment or enhance a corporate event into a spectacular. Option 4 - Dance Team Building A dancing, team-building event to form strong communication and the opportunity to get colleagues to work together to produce movement to music. A dancing quiz can also be added to coordinate the experience between body and mind. A two to three hour event, with the most diverse team  winning the honours. Option 5 - Mini ‘Strictly’ Make your own dancing magic! 12 dancing partnerships are formed and they are given time with professional help to choreograph their own winning performance. The Strictly style competition will be judged by a Professional dancer and two selected executives. The competition will compromise of 2 rounds of dancing, accompanied by two dance showcases by a demonstrating couple. The GRAND FINAL will be followed by the Prize Presentation crowning of your champions!  © Still and Sparkling 2011 morgannoelle@hotmail.com 07834 179 042